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About Comsys

Founded in 1989 in Athens, Greece, Comsys is a software-intensive integrator and value-added solutions, provider. As an agile company with an entrepreneurial culture, we are attentive to our customers’ needs and focus on pursuing innovation to problem-solving.

At Comsys, we combine a comprehensive portfolio of omnichannel contact center solutions and our Low-Code development platforms to create innovative applications like Intelligent Virtual Assistants with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning capabilities. With this, we assist organizations in simplifying business complexity and improving customer and employee experiences in alignment with their digital transformation visions.

Our commitment to product, and service quality, combined with in-depth business know-how, is crucial to our ongoing success in the fields of our expertise. Our proven track record of cutting-edge solutions empowers private sector enterprises and government organizations to achieve their business goals.

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What we do

Customer Interaction Management and Optimization

Comsys is a one-stop-shop offering resilient, scalable, and state-of-the-art contact center solutions combined with expert professional services to simplify and accelerate the implementation of:

  • omnichannel contact centers
  • digital channel management like video, web chat, social media messaging, and web collaboration
  • outbound campaign optimization enhanced with machine learning
  • interaction automation with virtual assistants and chatbots with natural language understanding
  • workforce optimization
  • CRM and contact center integration, and
  • Contact center actionable analytics

Low-Code Application Development

Hermes is a powerful low-code application development platform designed to help citizen and professional developers build and deploy enterprise-level applications. Functional and engagement-driven, Hermes simplifies the development of applications of any operational complexity, demanding data management and transactional requirements with excellent efficiency resulting in considerable savings in human resources cost and effort. Additionally, applications built on Hermes inherit the platform’s functional and systemic characteristics, like the embedded Business Process Management, the Advanced Security, and the Role Management modules usually found in enterprise-class software systems. With Hermes, we assist organizations in accelerating application generation with minimal effort and transform businesses into digitally-enabled enterprises at a competitive cost.

Intelligent Digital Assistants

Our CFront Assistant, a Low-Code Conversational AI platform, enables the creation of speech and text-based digital assistants to automate customer-side interactions across any channel by leveraging technologies like natural language processing and understanding (NLP and NLU). Moreover, CFront Assistant is an appropriate and powerful tool for Robotic Process Automation initiatives that automate time-consuming activities for front-line and back-office employees. With CFront Assistant, our customers increase personnel productivity and introduce intelligent automation for time-consuming, human error prone, or repetitive tasks.


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